Multi-day Retreats in Nature

Multi-day Retreats in Nature

Multi-day Retreats in Nature

The multi-day Retreats concern the organization of two-day up to five-day excursions to different natural landscapes in various parts of Greece and abroad.

The program and the topic is chosen based on the physical characteristics of the location so that the workshops maximize the effect we can have on our contact and connection with the network of life where we are invited to be included for the days we are hosted in each environment.

The reason we choose multi-day excursions is because, like all relationships that we want to develop and empowered, nature also gives us this opportunity -to take our time to disconnect from everyday life, adapt to the place where we are,  get to know each other and achieve connection to the wider web of life. Our intention is to be smoothly included into it, to get connected with the human network which constitutes our group, open our senses and be able to assimilate in depth and  connectiveness to the experiential workshops that our program includes.

Previous retreats

Αwakening our Soul-Awakening our inner Fire, Sicily, Italy
September 15-18, 2022

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