The Art and Science of Ecotuning
Introduction to Applied Ecopsychology
11 – 16 August, 2018 – Canzo (Como), Italy

“Primalpe” – an old stone farmhouse in the heart of Prealps Lombard, in northern Italy – in the forest like a jewel – will be the venue for the international seminar organized in collaboration between Ecopsiché, the first Italian School of Ecopsychology and the Hellenic Society of Ecopsychology, Mental and Ιntegrative Health.

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The seminar will offer the theoretical introduction to Ecopsychology and some basic practices of Ecotuning, the Applied Ecopsychology art.

We will work in the Alps in the forest, with the trees, the meadow and the sky with the group of nocturnal animals and the smell of the earth. We will enjoy the stars of the sky, discover the charm of the night walks, we will all experience the experience where the laws of ecological relations will guide us to share these days together.

The seminar is recognized by the International Society of Ecopsychology – IES and then by all the IES schools that are part of the international association. It is valid for two years as an IES training module. The entire training course – allows for the Ecotuner title and registration in the “Ecotuner International Register” (Iroe) and can be completed in Italy, Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the Peru.

The seminar will be in English, with partial translation in Italian and Greek: Basic knowledge of English is essential.

For more details on the flyer below. A curriculum will be announced shortly. If you are interested please contact us and we will send it to you directly.

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