The Webinars organized by the Hellenic Ecopsychology Society enable us to connect online from all parts of Greece via electronic platform (Zoom) and talk about the benefits of Ecopsychology, conduct experiential Ecotherapy workshops, share experiences and be transferred from the electronic network to the wider human and natural network of which we are an active part.

Meetings have a specific theme and can be one-hour, two-hour, 1-day, two-day or multi-day, stand-alone or part of a specific Training cycle.

Previous Webinars

Free Ecopsychology and Mindfulness Webinar
Wednesday, 01/06/2022, time 20.00-21.00
Ecopsychology is the connection or unification of Ecology and Psychology in a common perspective, in showing us how to better understand ourselves...
Observing nature allows us to remember the laws and rules that govern life on Gaia and which lead it to a perpetual flow.

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