Welcome to a journey of discovering your natural Self

Our inherent tendency, originally defined by our DNA, is to coexist and interact continuously with Nature, our ``generator`` and our ``nurse``. We often forget that we are really a part of nature and that the natural way of life is the innate and primary basis for balance in our health at all levels: mind, body, psyche.

But nature is not just a place to visit, but it is our home. Our connection to nature has many and catalytic positive effects that lead to reduced stress, improvement of our mood and cognitive performance through biochemical balancing of brain hormones, but also maintaining and improoving general health, mental and physical . This is associated with an instinctive and inherent ``Biofilia,`` which we need to remember in order to find our balance again.

We mistakenly define civilization as a human evolution remote from any physical element that exists, as we often confuse the natural way of life with the primitive. The development of urban areas has reduced the natural environment globally, while its pollution is constantly expanding, damaging the soil, the fauna and flaura, our air, our water and our food and destroying the pure Mother Earth's wealth, our primary Source of Life.

Our reconnection with nature and the natural way of life, with the help of Medical Science and Psychology, is a powerful positive promising way of balancing the relationship with ourselves, the other living beings of the planet, the elements of nature and our universal welfare.


The aim and purpose of our Society is the integrated approach and promotion of Health, Physical and Mental through Nature and Human as a Single Field (mind, body, psyche), cooperation with all the bodies that govern these principles in Greece and internationally with  all modern scientifically documented knowledge.


Kleio Apostolaki

Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Ecopsychologist, Dolphin-Assisted Therapist


Victoria Stamouli

Medical Doctor, Child and Adult Psychiatrist,Psychotherapist, Nutritional Medicine



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