The 4 seasons and their expression in Nature in our body and psyche
SUMMER 26-28 July 2019 Zarkas Villas, Evia

The 4 seasons and their expression in Nature in our body and psyche
SUMMER 26-28 July 2019 Zarkas Villas, Evia

All creatures and all living organisms in nature are prepared, influenced and accepted by all the variations in the alternation of the four seasons. How could human be the exception to this? How does the modern way of life affect the way we experience ourselves internally and externally in the four seasons? How can we experience our deep connection and contact with what the four seasons bring to our body, mind and soul? We will look for the answers in the experiential three-day excursion divided into four seasons and form the basis of understanding and incorporating the changes of nature and the changes of our own existence in relation to the total individual and collective ecosystem.

We will experience the heart of summer in beautiful Evia, a short distance from Athens, in the village of Zarakes. Zarkas Villas will host us in a very beautiful place where we will relax and free ourselves to the elements of nature. We will take care of our body and psyche in the hospitable quiet beaches of the area and we will remember the carelessness, the warm wind and the energy of summer awakening our senses and our soul by understanding and indoctrinating this beautiful time. A quest for joy and extroversion inside and outside with the wisdom of Summer Nature.

Friday 26/07:
17.00-19.00: Leisure-Coffee or Tea- Familiar with the team and Eco-psychology
18.30-20.30: Centering – Earth painting
20.30: Dinner

Saturday 27/07:
8.30-9.30: Pilates-Earthing
9.30-10.30: Breakfast
11.00-11.30: Centering
11.30-12.30: Earth painting and Earthing
12.30 -14.00: Beyond the five senses
14.00-15.00: Leisure
15.30-17.00: Lunch
17.30-18.00: Centering
18.00-20.00: Discovering the summer around us and within us.
20.30-22.00: Dinner
22.00: Play-relaxation

Sunday 28/07
8.30-9.30: Pilates-Earthing
9.30-10.30: Breakfast
10.00-11.30: Centering
11.30-13.00: Nature as a teacher and interior mirror.
13.30-15.00: Leisure
15.30-17.00: Lunch
17.30-18.30: Earth Painting

Cost: 320 euros (plus VAT)
Early bird-registration until June 12: 265 (plus VAT)

Is Included:
Participation in the three-day workshops
Accommodation in a double room with breakfast
Certificate of participation

Not included:
Transfer to the venue
Meals (to be made at a local tavern with free choice)


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