The conferences that have been held by the European Society of Ecopsychology (EES) and since 2017, International Society of Ecopsychology (IES) have been launched since 2006 and are organized every two years.

Greece became the official representative of the company in 2007 with the founding of the Hellenic Society of Ecopsychology and co-organized in 2015 the 6th International Conference on Ecopsychology in Amari, Rethymnon, with great success on the occasion of the ten years of the EUS presence in the field of science.

30 speakers and participants from 11 countries of the world (Greece, Italy, America, Hawaii, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Uruguay, England, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil) gave constructively an exchange of views, ideas, lectures and experiential seminars in the beautiful nature of Crete.

Conferences previous conferences took place in Italy, Hawaii, Uruguay, while in 2019 it will be in Spain.

6th International Conference of Ecopsychology


“Biophilia and Ancestral Memories”
29 September to 3rd October 2017
Villa Serrana, Lavalleja, Uruguay

5th International Conference of Ecopsychology

“New perspectives on a changing Planet”
26-30 of September 2015
Amari, Rethymnon of Crete, Greece

4th International Conference of Ecopsychology

“Waha Pono- Learning to do the right thing”
28 September to 2nd of October 2013
Pahala, Wood Valley, Big Island, Hawaii

3rd International Conference of Ecopsychology

“Nature internal and nature external”
15-18 September 2011
Val Masino-Valtellina (So), Italia

2nd International Conference of Ecopsychology

“Networking Planet”
10-13 September 2009
Valsesia, Piermonte, Italia

1st International Conference of Ecopsychology

“We are the earth”
29 Septemnber to 1st of October 2006
Lignan (Nus), Valle di Saint Barthelemy, Valle di Aosta, Italia