The 4 seasons and their expression in nature in our body and psyche
FALL: 13-15 September 2019. Amfikia Farm – Amfiklia, Parnassos

All creatures and all living organisms in nature are prepared, influenced and accepted by all the variations in the alternation of the four seasons. How could human be the exception to this? How does the modern way of life affect the way we experience ourselves internally and externally in the four seasons? How can we experience our deep connection and contact with what the four seasons bring to our body, mind and soul? We will look for the answers in the experiential three-day excursions divided into four seasons and form the basis of understanding and incorporating the changes of nature and the changes of our own existence in relation to the total individual and collective ecosystem.

At the beginning of Autumn we will be at the roots of Mount Parnassos at Amfikia Farm. In this weekend we will be welcoming Fall in a unique, experiential way. We will meet the energies of autumn through a separate and conscious contact with nature. The selection part offers it generously and with many alternatives. We will come in contact with our personal quests for transition and change. We will elaborate on the importance and the difficulty of staying in “here and now” and we will investigate our needs for protection, preservation and balance. The Amfikea farm with the flora and fauna it contains is a “living” part that offers the deepest identification and processing of conscious and unconscious processes.

The full program will be announced soon.


Cost: 390 euros (plus VAT)
Early bird-registration form up to 30 July: 320 (plus VAT)

Is Included:
Participation in the three-day workshops
Accommodation in a double or triple room with breakfast
Full nutrition
Certificate of participation

Not included:
Transfer to the three-day venue


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