Eco-Dromes is an idea, born in 2021,  in an era where man needed more than ever his re connection and contact with Nature. With the rapid speeds and developments we face in our lives now and the alienation of our physical being that we constantly accept, we have lost our balance as we disconnect from Nature!

Eco-Dromes is a project which is carried out in collaboration with the partner and member of the Hellenic Ecopsychology Society, Vivian Karavanou, Psychologist/Psychotherapist/Ecopsychologist and Mindfulness Instructor.

It is a call to authentically connect people to co-create a life experience, joyful, unprecedented and meaningful,which will lead them to the best version of themselves.

The program includes experiential Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy and Mindfulness workshops, which aim to connect with the body, soul and spirit, with the elements of the surrounding nature, through innovative workshops in landscapes of unparalleled beauty.

How does it work?

We are going on hiking routes, easy and circular with special natural beauty, which has been determined by us, with a specific Theme and purpose in natural landscapes of the Prefectures of Crete.

We gather at the meeting point and become a group! The topic of the meeting is presented and the Eco-Dromes begins. Along the way, we take breaks for our practice and experiential workshops which aim to connect us with the Natural Environment, our Natural Self, Others and the have a good time!

Target Audience

The Eco-Rules are for everyone and for all levels, as the selected routes are passable and easy to access.

It is also addressed to English-speaking citizens of other countries, as it is possible to translate it into English.

Each Eco-Dromes can be independent but also in continuity with the previous or subsequent ones in order to deepen the practice of Ecopsychology. For example, one may want to participate in one or more Eco-Dromes individually or follow the entire program as designed, with the aim of in-depth self-awareness and self-development.

What you need to have with you
Comfortable clothes and closed comfortable shoes, water and snacks, notebook and pen or pencil and a mat or waterproof cloth to sit on the ground when needed.

What will you receive

At the end of these 5 specially designed Eco-Dromes, the participants will have completed a pioneering experiential training in the Basic Principles of Ecopsychology and Mindfulness and will have in their possession easy-to-use and powerful practices that they can apply every time they visit the natural Environment.

Upon completion of 5 Eco-routes, a certification recognized by the Hellenic Ecopsychology Society  with the approval of International Ecopsychology Society (IES) will be given.

Previous Actions


The month of sowing desires and intentions. We make decisions and intentions for the new year, we are grounded, we choose what we will bring into the core of our sowing and we put our seeds on Earth. Ecopsychology and Consciousness Practices: Sense Opening, Grounding, Center and Connecting Nature. Conscious Walking (Mindful Walking) & Forest Bathing.


Preparation, self-care and transition from silence and inactivity to manifestation and expression. Entering the flow through the Element of Water: Emotional-Physical Quest – Technique of Conscious Communication and Association with Nature for the purpose of Self-Knowledge and Self-Development!


Spring, Opening, Blooming, Ambivalence, Mutability, Border – Bringing the two ends together. Finding our inner balance-connection with the Element of Air: breath, thought, speech and sound. We will explore the way we think, our beliefs and the language we use.


Heart of Spring – Resurrection, Synergy with the Element of Fire. Denaturation and Transformation Activation Workshops to our Higher Optimal.


Sensuality and orgasm of nature, senses, smells -Allow yourself to see, to be liberated and to enjoy. Synergy with the Element of Ether. Synthesis of all the above practices and elements of Nature that lead to wholeness and completion.

«Ακριβώς όπως ήταν ο στόχος προηγούμενων θεραπειών για την ανάκτηση των καταπιεσμένων περιεχομένων του ασυνείδητου, έτσι ο στόχος της Oικοψυχολογίας είναι να ξυπνήσει την έμφυτη αίσθηση της περιβαλλοντικής αμοιβαιότητας που βρίσκεται μέσα στο οικολογικό ασυνείδητο. Άλλες θεραπείες επιδιώκουν να θεραπεύσουν την αποξένωση μεταξύ προσώπου και προσώπου, προσώπου και οικογένειας, προσώπου και κοινωνίας. Η Oικοψυχολογία επιδιώκει να θεραπεύσει την πιο θεμελιώδη αποξένωση μεταξύ του ατόμου και του φυσικού περιβάλλοντος.»
Theodore Roszak

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