Eco-Dromes (Eco-Routes)
January-May 2022

Eco-Dromes (Eco-Routes) is an idea born in 2021, in an era where man needs to reconnect and be in contact with Nature more than ever! With the rapid speeds and developments that we face in our lives now and the alienation of our physical being that we constantly accept, we have lost our balance as we disconnect from Nature!

Eco-Dromes is a project that invites beautiful people to connect authentically and go on an Εco-Dromes that they will never forget! To co-create a life experience, happy, unprecedented and substantial, that will lead them to the best version of themselves.

The program will include experiential workshops of Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy and Mindfulness, which aim to connect with body, soul and spirit, with the elements of nature, through innovative workshops in the incomparably beautiful landscapes of Crete.

This framework combines and synthesizes basic Principles of Ecopsychology-Ecotherapy, Experiential Exercises of Self-Knowledge and Self-Development, Mindfulness, Breathing Practices, Meditation & Yoga.


How does it work ?

On one Sunday a month we start to go to a hiking route, easy and circular with special natural beauty, which has been defined by us, with a specific theme and purpose in the natural landscapes of the Prefecture of Chania.

We gather at the meeting point all together and become a team! The topic of the meeting is presented and the Eco-Dromes  starts with walking. During the route, we pause for our practice and experiential exercises that aim at our connection with the Natural Environment, our Physical Self, Others and have a good time!

Usually we will start at 09.00 and finish around 17.00 and then those who want to continue, we will have lunch together  in a traditional tavern in the surrounding area.


To whom it is addressed:

The Eco-Dromes are for everyone and for all levels, as the paths that have been chosen are passable and easy.

Also to English-speaking citizens of other countries, as there is a possibility of translation into English

Each Eco-Dromes can be independent but also in continuation with the previous or next ones in order to deepen the practice of Ecopsychology. For example, one may want to participate in one or more Eco-Dromes individually or to follow the whole program as it is designed, for the purpose of deep self-knowledge and self-development.


Dates and Topics:

  • January, 30/01/22: the month of sowing desires and intentions. We make decisions and intentions for the new year, we are grounded, we choose what we will bring into the core of our sowing and we put our seeds on Earth. Ecopsychology and Consciousness Practices: Sense Opening, Grounding, Center and Connecting Nature. Conscious Walking (Mindful Walking) & Forest Bathing.
  • February, 27/02/22: preparation, self-care and transition from silence and inactivity to manifestation and expression. Entering the flow through the Element of Water: Emotional-Physical Quest – Technique of Conscious Communication and Association with Nature for the purpose of Self-Knowledge and Self-Development!
  • March, 27/3/22: Spring, Opening, Blooming, Ambivalence, Mutability, Border – Bringing the two ends together. Finding our inner balance-connection with the Element of Air: breath, thought, speech and sound. We will explore the way we think, our beliefs and the language we use.
  • April, 10/04/22: Heart of Spring – Resurrection, Synergy with the Element of Fire. Denaturation and Transformation Activation Workshops to our Higher Optimal.
  • May, 05/15/22: Sensuality and orgasm of nature, senses, smells -Allow yourself to see, to be liberated and to enjoy. Synergy with the Element of Ether. Synthesis of all the above practices and elements of Nature that lead to wholeness and completion.



What do you need to carry with you:

Comfortable clothes and closed comfortable shoes, water and snacks, notebook and pen or pencil and a straw or waterproof cloth for sitting on the ground when needed.


What will you gain from this experience?

At the end of these 5 specially designed Eco-Dromes, the participants will have completed a pioneering experiential training in the Basic Principles of Ecopsychology and Consciousness and will have powerful and simple practices that they can apply every time they visit the natural Environment from hereafter!

They will get practical supplies and tools integrated and ready to use and share with their friends and family!

Upon completion of 5 Eco-Dromes, Certification recognized by the International Society of Ecopsychology (IES) will be granted.



PRICE: 35 euros + VAT

PACKAGE of 5 Eco-Dromes: 140 euros + VAT (from 175 euros)

For company participation of 3 people or more, a 30% discount is provided



Registration will be possible until Friday before the Eco-road until  21.00. Advance payment of 30% of the price is required to register a place



Tel: 6945383866 and 6945710851

For registration click here

In case of cancellation by the participants, the deposit cannot be refunded, but there is the possibility that can be transferred to another Eco-Dromes. In case of cancellation due to weather or unforeseen reasons on the part of the organizers, the deposit is refunded in full.


  • Covid19 update

We always strictly follow all hygiene protocols.

Prerequisite for participation: certificate of vaccination or disease or 48-hour Rapid test or 72-hour PCR.

In any case, if there are sanitary instructions and provisions for a specific place and it is not possible to carry out the Eco-trip, the deposit will be refunded or if you wish it will be used for another Eco-Dromes.



Your Eco-tuners


Kleio Apostolaki

Kleio G. Apostolaki was born and raised in Athens and currently lives in Crete. She studied Psychology with Clinical Psychology at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom and continued her postgraduate studies in Mental Health (MSc) at King’s College, University of London where she specialized in Dynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. In 2009 she received her degree in Ecopsychology from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. She also studied Dolphin Therapy for children and adults with psychological, neurological and motor problems at the Dolphinswim Institute in collaboration with Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. She is also a certified Adult Educator by the Greek Ministry of Education and an EMDR Trauma Therapist.

She worked in the Department of Adult Psychiatry at Guy’s Hospital in London and since 2002 has been working as a freelancer in Greece. She has participated in many international and national conferences as an invited speaker, has written in the magazine and daily press and has a large number of television and radio appearances as a guest expert. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Ecopsychology (IES), President of IES 2016-2019 and officially recognized as a representative of IES in Greece with the establishment of the “Hellenic Ecopsychology Society”, which operates in Greece since 2007. She is a coordinator and Instructor of the IES School of Applied Ecopsychology (Ecotuning) for Greece.


Contact Details:

+30 6945383866


Vivian Karavanou

Vivian Karavanou was born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in Chania. She studied Psychology at the University of Essex in England (BA Psychology) and continued her postgraduate studies in Counseling Psychology at the Metropolitan University of London (MSc Counseling Psychology). Then she continued her training in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. Vivian has been a Private Counselor and Synthetic Psychotherapist since 2002. She has also been trained and teaches Mindfulness and Hatha, Raja and Tantra Yoga (500 H – Yoga Alliance). Since 2009, she has been practising and teaching  Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Since 2012 offers Supervision to Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Mental Health Specialists. In 2016 she founded the ΦSpace which consists of a well-trained team of experts working in the field of Wellness and for the Prevention of health and well-being of people who come to Φ. Today provides individual and group sessions that compose all of the above in order to combine the scientificity of Psychotherapy and Counseling with the Art of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga and all this in synergy with Nature. In 2021 she received her degree in Ecopsychology from the Hellenic Ecopsychology Society. She is a member of the International Society of Ecopsychology (IES)and as a certified Eco-Tuner organizes Retreats and Workshops in Nature, composing all the above approaches for the purpose of Self-Knowledge & Self-Development!


Contact Details

+30 6945730851, +30 2821099468