The aim of experiential workshops in Mental and Intergrative Health is to acquire basic knowledge of human health at all levels, to balance the body, mind and soul as a whole and human well-being, based on all modern scientifically documented health approaches and lifestyle approaches. They are made in a specially designed beautiful indoor area for groups, outdoors, cottage gardens, agrotourism lodges and ecotourism hostels, in beautiful places in the countryside, depending on the content of the experiential workshop and seminar. Their duration may be a few hours, separate or specific rounds of meetings, on a weekly or monthly basis or one day, or a whole weekend, three days or more, and in the form of short holiday breaks. Scientists from Greece and abroad undertake the development of experiential workshops and seminars, giving the participants the best and scientifically substantiated experiential knowledge for the promotion of our universal health and well-being. They address people who seek their personal development at all levels of their health, as well as health care professionals and school and social care professionals and promote human balance.

Experiential workshops as well as training seminars include:

Nutrition seminars, Nutritional Health: Mediterranean, local traditional gastronomy from all over Greece, Cretan, Macrobiotic, Holy Mountain of Athos, Ancient Greek, Multinational, Nutritional Health, Mediterranean, vegan, athletes, children, the elderly, diet and metabolic diseases, obesity, degenerative diseases etc. At the same time, training will be done to overload the modern diet with pesticides, chemicals, mucilage, preservatives, additives.

Cooking lessons in all kinds of food: rare forgotten traditional recipes, as well as vegetarian and vegan recipes, in a country house near Heraklion and in agrotouristic resorts, with traditional cooking methods and materials directly from Mother Nature, with passion, open-hearted human fellowship, fantasy and a lot of creative mood.

Herbal and herbal courses for our everyday use: Herbal teas, herbal remedies and herbal properties of Mother Earth plants and herbs. Emphasis on the herbs of Crete. Classes of natural ways of food preservation, natural cosmetics, toiletries, natural detergents, essential oils, perfumes, natural pharmaceuticals. Courses of care and pure nourishment of plants as well as natural ways of plant protection and disease control. Learn how to cultivate rare plants and flowers and use local vegetable, spice and herb seeds. Aromatherapy classes for the use of essential oils for improving our health, for body care, for relaxation, for home-made perfuming and balancing the atmosphere of our space.

Experiential laboratories of simple therapeutic massage techniques for our personal use as well as for our family. Many methods of massage, coming from all the lengths and widths of the planet, are applied. Many of these types of massage have already been introduced to the therapeutic groups of hospitals around the world: Shiatsu, Thai, Ayurvedic, Athletic, Massage for Infants, Massage for pregnant women, Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Neck Massage, Rejuvance, Hot Stone Massage, Spineworks, Osteopathy, Needleless Acupuncture, Swedish, Epson salts and use of essential oils.

Experiential workshops Mindfulness, Visualization, Guided Imagery. Guided imaging (sometimes called guided meditation and guided self-hypnosis) is a mild but powerful technique that focuses on our built-in ability to make emotional reprogramming through simple images, senses, and symbols. It can lower blood pressure levels, increase short-term immune cell activity, reduce stress and pain, increase access to emotional depth, awareness and disengagement from internal blockages, humor, creativity.

Experiential yoga workshops, and detox yoga retreat. We improve strength, balance, flexibility and general health. Yoga works on multiple systems in your body at the same time. It strengthens the immune system by increasing the levels of natural antioxidants that fight the disease in our body. It activates areas of the brain that increase joy and reduce feelings associated with anxiety. It activates genes (DNA telomeres) that are associated with cell renewal. Reduces the need for diabetes medications by up to 40%. It reduces depression, anxiety and stress and increases our energy levels. Improves memory.

Experiential Meditation Workshops: Transcendental Meditation, Meditation Emptiness, Targeted Meditation, its primitive forms and its modern evolution, Meditation and Movement, Dynamic Meditation, Meditation and the Arts, based on modern studies, for example by Harvard Medical School, and the contribution of meditation to the balancing of mind, psyche, human body. “From a scientific study to an eight-week meditation program, it is found that meditation makes measurable changes in brain areas related to memory, self-esteem, empathy, and anxiety». (Harvard Medical School)

Experiential Theater Playing Workshops: Theatrical play borrows from the theater many elements and techniques such as role playing, improvisation, transformation, pantomime, dramatization differs from it mainly in that the purpose of the play is to develop man and not the show. It is aimed at both young and old. The theatrical play creates a safe framework in which the child or adult safely and without harming experiences himself, his limits, his relationships with others, he comes in contact with his feelings and he can get to know them express and be released from bitterness and sorrow. In the same way he knows himself, he knows the others too, so he is not afraid to be opened to them, he hesitates to be revealed, for he has the pleasure of revealing them.

Green Exercise Workshops. Outdoor exercise makes people happier, less tired and angry, more relaxed and relaxed and gives a more sustained energy boost compared to indoor exercise. Even five minutes of green exercise (like walking in a park) can boost our mood and vitality.

Experiential psychological balancing workshops through the tremendous psychotherapeutic knowledge of the top psychotherapist, Carl Jung: Archetypes, Archetypal Archetypes, Dance Archetypes, Shadows and Impressions, Unconscious and Collective Unconscious, The 13 Wounds, Symbols and Symbolism, Sand painting, Mythical Mapping of the Uninitiated.

Experiential Workshop with Breathing Techniques and Voice Art: Through a series of interactive exercises and awareness, the trainee learns how his breathing mechanism works, he learns to “pump deeply”, energizing the brain and “reprogramming” his body with new thoughts and beliefs, since his whole being now supports his words, not just the throat and the mind. At the same time through different breathing techniques, inherent mechanisms of self-regulation of the body, of the soul and of the mind are activated.

Experiential Workshops for the Inner Child, Soul Reconnection, Rebirth, Soul Retrieval: We are filled with unconscious mental traumas, negative experiences and beliefs, created throughout our lives, and especially in our childhood, who have shaped our personality and the way we choose to live. Very often I say “I want to find myself” ignoring that he himself is confined to our very distant past, under traumas, repressed emotions and beliefs that are not our own, but worn by the environment we grew up. Our goal is the discovery and recovery of our forgotten authentic self.

Experiential Workshop of Systematic Representation: It is an extremely unique type of experiential psychotherapy in a group that allows us to be free from situations, internal or external, whose roots are in the past and that continue to make us difficult in the present. Developed by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It is based on the fact that each of us is inseparably linked to the human systems to which he belongs (family, interpersonal relationships, professional space, society, country, etc.) that affects and is influenced by them at the same time. Many of what we ourselves consider to be our own, our own individual behaviors, ideas and beliefs, or our “character” are in fact not ours, do not derive from our own unique nature and existence but “borrowed” and “borrowed” from our family, social and genealogical chain, but that have passed into our unconscious and have become one with us, have become our own nature and often all of these create unexplained dysfunctions, physical and mental. The experience of representation leads to cleansing, acceptance, reconciliation and disengagement from weights that do not belong to us. It is a process that brings to the fore the causes and deeper problems in disturbed relationships and silent truths, in order to restore balance.

Experiential Art Therapy workshops: Self-knowledge, inner self discovery, inner conflict, often unconscious, inner balance, emotional release and art through Art (Balance).

Experiential Workshop: The 5 Elements, Earth Keepers: Linking to the Primordial and Eternal Archetypal Principles of our general nature, through the traditional philosophy, cure and way of existence of older, important cultures that honored the connection of man to the nature, using the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether), not just as symbolism, but also as a source of life and denaturation.

Experiential workshop with body and mind relaxation techniques, Emotional and Stress Realizing: In our body the tensions of our mind and our psyche accumulate in the form of muscle blockages, pressure on our internal organs, stiffness in our joints, shallow breathing, tension headaches, a. We learn to become good observers of our mental and mental tensions and difficult emotions, observer of the blockages in our body and how to release them.

Gestalt Psychotherapy Experiential Laboratories: “Empty Chair “, “Ancestral Chain”, “Genealogy”, “Psychosomatic Gestalt”. It undoubtedly has many therapeutic effects and can lead to truly powerful, transformational experiences through our relationship with ourselves, others, with those who were or are very important to us, and especially with central faces of our family environment.

Experiential Dramatherapy workshops, “Sacred drama”, Roles, Story telling, Belief deconstruction, Trigressions of weakening-Empowerment. The importance of the theatrical presentation of human experiences contributes catalytically to their realization and the resolution of internal conflicts, dysfunctional emotional models and rigid beliefs in relation to ourself and others. It emits in a very effortless way, material from our subconscious and becomes transubstantiated.

Experiential Workshop on Dreams: Freud called them “the royal path to the subconscious”. According to Carl Jung, dreams are not attempts to hide our real feelings from our conscious mind, but instead is a window for our subconscious. They serve the guidance of our conscious mind to achieve completeness. Dreams offer a solution to a problem we encountered in our awakening. In the Dreams Seminar “The magic portal of the dream mirror” we discover the way to come closer to our innermost self. We are trained in the categories of dreams, what ancient cultures believed, conscious dreams, therapeutic dreams, dreams as a kind of unification of ourselves, dream symbols, archetypes, how to ask questions and how we get answers through the dream. Techniques to improve sleep, hypnotherapy.

Practical laboratory of Qigong practice. It is a well-being and understanding of body-mind. It is based on the idea that body and mind are not two separate things but a unified whole. How we behave in one, deeply affects the other. We learn to recognize the points in our body that keep the stress (not bold). As we do, we focus on breathing and literally breathe in those spaces. Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and medical technique that includes meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. According to Peter Wayne, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of research at the Harvard Integrated Medicine Osher Center: “The first character, Qi is an idea of ​​traditional Chinese culture that means almost vital energy, information, breathing or spirit . The second character in qigong, gong means cultivation or domination, says Wayne. Therefore, Qigong translates as “vital energy cultivation” or “energy sovereignty”.

Tai Chi Experiential Workshop. Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but perhaps also called “medicine on the move”. There is increasing evidence that this mind and body practice, which comes from China as a martial art, is worth treating or preventing. “A growing set of carefully conducted research creates a necessity for Tai Chi as a complement to established medical care to prevent and restore many conditions usually associated with age, “says Peter M. Wayne, assistant professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School and director of the Tai Chi and Mind-Body research program at Osher Research Center at Harvard Medical School. An additional treatment is that used along with primary medical therapies either to deal with the disease itself or its main symptoms or, more generally, to improve patient function and quality of life.

Experiential parent-child groups: There are only training seminars for a more balanced and effective education of children from their parents, but also children and parents’ meetings together, where there experientially developed robust links between them in order to resolve any problems, both sides are known and developed, through their relationship and their interaction.

Experiential children and adolescent groups, for their personal development, resolve their personal difficulties and the development of interpersonal relationships, through self-knowledge, creativity, recognition and seamless expression of thoughts and feelings, the discovery of their personal capacities, capabilities and qualities, with the ultimate goal of self-identification and the discovery of their own inherent nature.

Experiential workshops for children and adolescents with special needs: They are small groups, suitably aged and with a common field of difficulties and needs, with the aim of their best development, socialization, the development of their potential, their free expression, their hidden creativity, the reinforcement of their self-esteem and, most importantly, the love of self and the joy in their lives. At the same time, in other meetings, the parents together, so that they can also learn about ways of contacting, communicating with their children, managing their daily difficulties, enhancing self-service and as much autonomy as possible, strengthening the bond among them, as well as support and relief for parents, to the difficult task they are being asked to walk every day.

Groups with Hobbies: Beautiful meetings of people with common hobbies and activities. It aims at sharing, human contact, exchange of ideas, the development of human imagination. Moments of relaxation, laughter, companionship and imaginative creativity.

Experiential Workshops on human and Zoophilia: Infinite scientific studies have demonstrated that human contact and coexistence with animals promotes mental health and contributes to human evolution. Animals are our mirrors, they help us to express our feelings more easily, to discover aspects of ourselves that often feel uncomfortable and insecure to manifest them to people, to get emotional support through the eyes of our little friends, to work spontaneously, to laugh, to express our hidden inner child and to relax with them, through the pressure of our day. The purpose of these experiential meetings, for the young and the elderly, in the countryside and in specially landscaped areas for walks and activities with animals and for great agility, each with its own four-legged friend, is the sharing of experiences, play, laughter, the deepening of our extra-terrestrial communication (one of the most important communications in our human nature, since it is the only communication that does not tolerate censorship and limiting our minds and which we forget so often) the emotions, spontaneity, which is so familiar to us teach our loved our four-legged friends. In addition to our meetings, we will be accompanied by a trainer of animals, with the aim of educating us on issues of the best possible education of our favorite four-legged friends, of the deepest emotional relationship between us through positive ways of communication and interaction.

Meetings for adults: In these meetings, in a specially designed relaxation area and in natural outdoors, we come to remember our forgotten childhood, our oppressed spontaneity, laughter, the notion of companionship and the carelessness, the cheerfulness and the carelessness, noble rivalry. Board games, games that we played children, in our neighborhoods, improvisations and carefree creativity. We remind you that we are not only adults with necessities, roles and responsibilities, but also creatures who daily need to laugh, relax, taste delicacies, enjoy their drink, and the “refine” of the picnic, get to know others and to establish friendship, based on sincerity, open heart and acceptance, share the beauty of their hearts, play and feel free from the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Experiential workshops through excursions to places of particular natural beauty, with the comfort of beautiful accommodation and the enjoyment of local tastes, in Crete and the rest of Greece, combining at the same time various experiential workshops of Ecopsychology and Integrative Health.

Groups of joy and carelessness, with party evenings and party nights, board games nights and a prize, as well as night watching movies in a country house just outside Heraklion, with a projector and traditional cloth, as in the old beautiful seasons under the summer star sky and winter on a glass patio with the warmth of an outdoor fireplace and traditional wood-stove, with traditional delicious handmade snacks, hot drinks and high-quality wine. The aim is for people to come back and revive the concept of good companionship, human warmth, laughter, carelessness, mental upheaval and carefree nights, unfortunately the Western way of life has all this constrained. The notion of mental and integrative health and human well-being is a deep and essential way of life and existence, which we ought never to forget, because in essence, we forget our own existence!!