Experiential Workshops of Ecopsychology

Experiential Ecopsychology workshops are an excellent opportunity to approach a different way of thinking, feeling and functioning of the mind and body. They are talking place in a natural environment or in an enclosed space, when required, using natural materials and techniques.

Primarily, the seminars are grouped, but they can also be personalized.

To whom they are addressed?

They are addressed to adults who want to awaken their physical functions on a mental and physical level and seek their inner balance by reuniting with their own nature and the natural environment.

Is also addressed to the modern man, living in conditions of stress and emotional difficulties, as well as for those who are treated for mental disorders, in addition to  the guidance of their therapist. Moreover, it is aimed for children and adolescents, enabling them to engage in multidimensional educational and experiential activities with the purpose of building healthy personalities.

The scientific training of the qualified psychologist or psychiatrist in Ecopsychology offers the opportunity to understand and deepen this experience with the greatest possible benefits in a safe environment

How do they work?

Experiential Ecopsychology Workshops use tools from different psychotherapy schools in a holistic approach.

They include direct experience with nature’s elements, relaxation and awakening techniques, projection and transfer that we encounter as techniques in psychoanalysis, as well as exercises of expressing emotions and deepening experiences.

In individual sessions that usually have a therapeutic character, individual history is taken and the sessions are adapted to the participants’ needs.

In group sessions, the expert selects the teams’ members  and the program takes a broader form of contact with nature including the communicative part with the self and the group.

The duration of the sessions is determined according to the goals and needs of the individual or the group.


The place where the sessions take place is mainly in an open environment, easily accessible and all the participants need to have comfortable clothes. Depending on the themes and the groups, there is a switching of landscapes taking place in the workshops.

The themes of the workshops have several different experiential approaches and can change at regular intervals. They can be a self-contained approach or act as a follow-up, with the participant having the opportunity to deepen his experience to a next level. All themes interact with each other, as well as all with nature.

Basic thematic workshops

Awakening the Intelligence of our Natural Senses

Like every living being, so we humans also have the ability to perceive the world through our senses and function according to the stimuli we receive through them. Our survival and  inner and outer balance, is determined on our  aquired physical and psychological response  . That is why we refer to these as “intelligence of natural senses”. By living a Western way of life  in an artificial environment, our senses have been disturbed and confined so we experience a basic sensory deficit, that leads us to perceive ourselves and the world around us in a limited and distorted way. This workshop aims to cultivate the awakening of the senses, giving another dimension to our perception.

Connecting to the four elements of Nature

The world around us is structured by the four basic elements – earth, air, water and fire. Man in his own condition, as Hippocrates says, consists of all elements in forms similar to those we experience in the external environment. Understanding the properties of these elements, observing and deepening the characteristics and coming into deeper contact with them, we also perceive the functions of our own self and the interaction of the whole that constitutes our existence. In this workshop we are challenged to experience the parallelism of our functions, to learn and to respect the specific characteristics they have and to revive our natural physical being.

Discovering our natural self

Our contact with the elements of nature has been greatly reduced and this is translated as an alienation from the physical characteristics and elements that are consisted our human nature. Targeted and direct experience within  a natural environment and its elements with specific deepening techniques aims to remind our own existence as a part of nature that coexists and interacts with it, as a whole. This workshop gives the possibility of experiencing, matching and freedom of expression through the natural materials and characteristics of nature that aim to preserve our own existence within the planetary whole.

Nature as a Life Guide

Observing nature allows us to recall laws and rules that govern planetary functioning and lead it to  harmony and order. They are the same functions in which we humans are part of, but we have replaced them with those that seem to favor our better adaptation to the Western world’s acquired needs. In this workshop, we have the opportunity to let ourselves go to the teaching of nature and to all that we inherently possess as knowledge, but we have forgotten to understand  and to consult them for a harmonious and balanced course of our life.

Experiential Workshops for children aged 5-12 and Parents

Like the fruit of the earth, the evolution of man is influenced by the grounds he shapes early in his life and the environment in which he grows and receives influences. And while classical Psychology has focused on the human environment, Ecopsychology expands the view to the wider and primary environment of the individual, the natural one. This workshop aims to contribute creating strong bases not only for the child’s contact with nature, but also for the use of nature as an intermediary factor in strengthening the parent-child relationship. Emphasis is placed on expressing emotions, sensitizing the family to contact with nature and cultivating links between all.

Some of the seminars are also part of the training courses in the Ecopsychology Training Program. If you then want to enroll in the entire training course, the amount invested in participating in the seminars – within 12 months – will be totally deducted from the Training.