Join a life-based group to find new ways of being and co-existence. Awaken your inherent Biophilia and promote the same awakening to others.

Ecopsychology Education offered by the Hellenic Society for Ecopsychology, Mental and Integrative Health is designed and certified by the International Ecopsychology Society (IES), based in Chiasso, Switzerland, and is part of the network of IES Schools in Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

To whom is it addressed?

  • Those who are engaged in humanitarian professions and education
  • Those who have professions related to the natural environment
  • Those who want to deepen their relationship with nature and to integrate it creatively into their lives and work

What does the Training offer?

IES Training in EcoTuning is a course of personal and professional development that provides tools to familiarize trainees with their inherent nature, to educate ecological relationships and to broaden their personal and professional horizons.

With their participation the trainees will be able:

  • To promote their personal development and deepen their relationship with the elements of nature
  • To equip themselves with knowledge, experience and tools that they can use in their work
  • To become ambassadors of social and ecological awareness and change
  • To participate in a national and international network of people with the same values, goals and consciousness
  • To acquire an Ecotuner Certificate, approved by the International Ecopsychology Society .

The School wants to support and cultivate professionals who are engaged in promoting human well-being with Oneself and the Planet.

Useful information

The training is set at 220 hours, which can be completed from one to two years depending on the trainee’s needs and ability.


  1. Theory (60 hours)
  2. Experiential Personal Development and Group Experience Workshops (130 hours)
  3. Supervision and practice (30 hours)
  4. Written work on the completion of studies


Venue: Heraklion, Chania and Athens

Cost: 1600 euros

Discount 15% for registration until 30 October

Limited seats: up to 15 people

Starting date of next Education: January 2020

The training will take place every second weekend


Note: Those who have attended Ecopsychology seminars conducted by our Society or another Society abroad who belongs to the IES, the amount given – within 12 months – will be deducted from the tuition fees. Also, all trainees are entitled to the student discount on their participation in the Conference of IES.