5th International Conference of Ecopsychology

Important announcement!

Due to the recent political circumstances in Greece, we would like to ensure our participants that any recent financial instability affects only Greek citizens. Financial exchanges in our country and abroad with citizens of foreign countries are not affected and are taking place normally as usual.However any worries so far for this matter is understandable therefore there is an extension of early registration until the 25th of July.

A warm welcome!

We are pleased to announce the 5th EES International Conference to be held in Amari, Crete, Greece from 26 to 30 September 2015. The title that brings us together this year, “New Perspectives in Psychology for a Changing Planet”, calls us to think the important contribution that Ecopsychology is prepared to do in these times. Our force has the possibility to provide a path of change, that the situations around us are intensely demanding. EES is in an important process of reaffirmation of its work, celebrating 10 years of existence. It is time that those who identify with EES’s goals to take steps towards our commitment, raising proposals, deepening research and creating experiences to help people gain a deeper human- nature relationship.

See you there,
Teresita Dominguez, President EES

Organizing Committee

Teresita Dominguez


Dr. Jorge Conesa-Sevilla


Marcella Danon


Kleio G. Apostolaki


Humans and Gaia

Gaia, as seen by James Lovelock, is a self-regulating system. It is a web of life, where all the organisms play a part in keeping the Earth in a healthy livable balance. The lands, skies and seas, and the organisms that inhabit them are part of an interdependent system that evolves and diversifies in harmony and unity. The idea is that the Earth is a huge superorganism and all individual organisms and inanimate materials are the components of this superorganism, including us humans. As a part of Gaia, humanity isn’t just living on Gaia but living in her. We aren’t just “of” Gaia, our identity runs much deeper than that, because we “are” Gaia, albeit a small part of her. (Source: https://thegroveofquotes.wordpress.com/ecopsychology/)

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About Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the 5th largest in Mediterranean . The capital and largest city is Heraklion. It forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry, and music) Crete is located about 160 km south of the Greek mainland extending in a direction East – West, south of the Aegean Sea, of which it is the natural boundary south and north of the Libyan. It is part of the regional government of Greece and is divided into four regional sections: Heraklion, Chania, Lasithi and Rethymno. The headquarters of the Decentralized Administration of Crete is Heraklion, as well as in Heraklion is the capital of Crete.

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